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How The Company Started

Advanced Resourcing Sales was started as a result of many years of experience servicing the RV and Trailer industry.

In the early 80's, Terry performed purchasing duties and learned very quickly the importance and key to inventory turnover. The 90's brought direct sales into the picture for him. Terry operated as an independent representative for many suppliers and manufacturers. In 2010, he began selling component parts through a distributor and has grown strong business relationships with companies locally and internationally.

Terry's education and knowledge of the industry, dedication to providing dependable supply, and strong customer relationships is the reason Advanced Resourcing Sales exists today.

Today, as a TEAM for our company, we source new parts and ship directly to local customers from our warehouse. We strive to provide excellent customer service, product quality and aggressive pricing.

We know people who make things.

What OEM parts do YOU need?

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